Some of our patients worry that TMS treatment’s going to be painful.


Truth is, it’s tolerable for almost all patients. Only about 5% of patients in the trials for TMS dropped out of treatment because they couldn’t tolerate the treatment. And that’s very low compared to medication studies.


The first TMS session is called the mapping session. In this session, we take precise measurements to make sure that the helmet is correctly positioned on the patient’s head. After the helmet is correctly positioned on your head, we will use a brief series

of electromagnetic pulses that will cause your right thumb to twitch.


This lets us know that we’ve calibrated the treatment appropriately. After both the placement of the helmet and the strength of the pulses are determined, you’ll start your first TMS treatment that same day. The treatment feels like someone is tapping you on the side of the head.


It’s an odd sensation, but it’s one that most people adjust to really quickly. We make sure patients know exactly what’s going on during the entire treatment, and we can stop the treatment at any time.


This first appointment takes anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. Regular sessions of TMS are only 20 minutes. Patients come in five times a week for four to six weeks. After you finish treatment, you’ll be ready to walk out the door and get back to your life.

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At Active Recovery TMS, our goal is to provide a safe and effective alternative treatment for depression. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is an especially important treatment option for those who have not had success with standard depression treatments like medication and/or therapy.

Our co-founder, Dr. Horey, became familiar with TMS while training and working at Columbia University in New York City where many of the early and important studies on TMS were conducted. Dr. Horey has since completed more extensive training in TMS and keeps himself up-to-date with the latest research on brain stimulation techniques, including TMS.

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