The great thing about TMS is that it can be customized for each individual illness based on the neurobiology of that illness. So TMS can be used to target specific brain regions that are affected in these different disorders.


A recent study in 2012 showed that 58% of people who underwent a series of TMS showed improvement in their symptoms, and 37% of those patients went into complete remission.


We track our patient’s progress by having them rate their depression on a scale every week.


And this we track over the course of their treatment so that we can tell them week go over a week if they’re improving or not. And I also meet with patients on a weekly basis to discuss a whole range of symptoms, talk about side effects or anything else that’s bothering them, just to make sure the treatment’s proceeding as it should.


Most patients who get better with TMS stay better. There was an important study in 2014

¬†that showed that 63% of patients who got better with TMS stayed well a year after their treatment. So this means that people, when they finish treatment and they’re well, they can be confident that it’s not just going to fall back to where they were a month or two later.


TMS is one option that can be a real help to people who haven’t gotten relief from their symptoms with other methods of treatment.

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At Active Recovery TMS, our goal is to provide a safe and effective alternative treatment for depression. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is an especially important treatment option for those who have not had success with standard depression treatments like medication and/or therapy.

Our co-founder, Dr. Horey, became familiar with TMS while training and working at Columbia University in New York City where many of the early and important studies on TMS were conducted. Dr. Horey has since completed more extensive training in TMS and keeps himself up-to-date with the latest research on brain stimulation techniques, including TMS.

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