If you’ve tried one antidepressant and it hasn’t worked for you, you’re a candidate for TMS treatment.  Other good candidates for TMS treatment include patients who’ve gotten good results from antidepressant medications but can’t tolerate the side effects that go along with them. Patients want to know how we’re going to work with  their current treatment providers.


We pride ourselves on regular communication with our patient’s healthcare team. We will take the time to answer any questions your other treatment providers have about TMS. I have a lot of conversations about TMS with other doctors to help educate them about this powerful treatment option for their patients.


All of our employees have a lot of experience working in mental health here in Portland. We’ll do a thorough review of your medications both with you and with your treatment providers to make sure it’s safe for you to get TMS.


I’m excited to bring TMS to Portland because I think it’s an important treatment option for patients who haven’t gotten better with medications or therapy.

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At Active Recovery TMS, our goal is to provide a safe and effective alternative treatment for depression. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is an especially important treatment option for those who have not had success with standard depression treatments like medication and/or therapy.

Our co-founder, Dr. Horey, became familiar with TMS while training and working at Columbia University in New York City where many of the early and important studies on TMS were conducted. Dr. Horey has since completed more extensive training in TMS and keeps himself up-to-date with the latest research on brain stimulation techniques, including TMS.

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