Everyone’s recovery from depression is different. Often the improvements feel minor to start, but they continue throughout the treatment, and by the end of treatment most patients see a significant difference in their symptoms.


They may notice that they’re sleeping better, that they’re interested in things they’d lost interest in when they were depressed, they have more energy, they’re concentrating better, and that their appetite has improved.


But many patients describe a feeling of hopefulness that they haven’t had in a long time. Patients who do get better with TMS often ask, “What do I do if my symptoms come back?” After our patients complete treatment, we send them depression surveys regularly to keep up on their symptoms.


If we see or they see a worsening of their symptoms, we can get them back into treatment quickly, so they don’t fall back to where they were before. Some of the things we look for are of course changes in mood but also changes in appetite, sleep quality, energy, concentration all the things that are part of depression that oftentimes people overlook but are really important parts of patients lives.


The good news for these patients is that if you’ve had improvement on TMS in the past, you’re  likely to get improvement again should your symptoms return.

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At Active Recovery TMS, our goal is to provide a safe and effective alternative treatment for depression. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is an especially important treatment option for those who have not had success with standard depression treatments like medication and/or therapy.

Our co-founder, Dr. Horey, became familiar with TMS while training and working at Columbia University in New York City where many of the early and important studies on TMS were conducted. Dr. Horey has since completed more extensive training in TMS and keeps himself up-to-date with the latest research on brain stimulation techniques, including TMS.

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